Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the tour cost include airfare? No. Airfare is not included.

What is included? All hotels based on double occupancy, two meals a day, all ice fee’s, all ground transportation fee’s, all referee fee’s, all jerseys, socks, and skate sharpening.

What is the bus like? We only charter the newest busses available to ensure comfort and safety.

Who are the coaches? All coaches and managers have worked in junior or professional hockey in North America and Europe. 2024 Coaches are Devin Panzeca and Neil Liston, both have extensive experience coaching in North America and Europe. Tour managers this year are Tomasz Baldys and Joseph Kolodziej. Each tour will have a minimum of one coach and one manager with each team at all times.

What if I need to cancel? There is a five hundred dollar non refundable deposit due upon registration. If cancelation is for a medical reason, a credit toward a future tour will be given. A “no show” is non refundable. The reason for the deposit being non refundable is because we have to make deposits to secure coaches, hotels, meals and all other items for each tour which are non refundable to us if we cancel.

What if you cancel the event? All deposits and fully paid fee’s are completely refundable if we have to cancel an event for any reason.

Do I need insurance? We recommend purchasing a travelers insurance policy. Though Europe has free health care, non EU residents are not covered. Trainers are always available to take care of simple and minor health issues.

Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID? Do I need to be tested? At the current time, no, you do not need to be vaccinated to participate. No, at the current time you do not need to be tested to participate. This of course is subject to change on short notice depending on your travel arrangements to Europe.

Is there adult supervision? Yes. Adults supervise the players during all team activities. Curfews are also in place, and coaches stay at the same hotel as the players.

Can parents accompany the player? Of course. Many parents come on the tour to enjoy the experience as well. Parents are welcome to travel on the team bus for a small fee, and enjoy discounted hotel rates where the team is staying.