Spain – Barcelona and Logrono (wine region)

The Spain hockey tour will take place in April 2022. Unrestricted play, and a full European hockey tour experience can be expected. All accommodations, jerseys, socks, transportation, ice times, and a team welcome and departure meal are included.

The team will spend two days in Barcelona, and play one game before heading to Logrono in the heart of the Spanish wine region. Once in Logrono the team will play a series of three friendly matches against teams from Spain and France.

Logrono Ice Arena:

Logroño Sport – The great Logroñes Sports Community – C.D.M. Lobete (

Information on Logrono wine region:

La Rioja Turismo

Logrono Tourism page with information on the area:

Logroño – Destination – La Rioja Tourism (

Open to players 23 and under as of January 2022

April 1 to 10, 2022